The study of the bioarchaeological remains (humans, animals and plants) from ancient Egypt, within the archaeological context in which they were found provides profound insights into diverse topics, such as cultural practices, funerary practices, the health and nutrition of ancient populations (both human and animal), animal husbandry and exploitation, diet, agricultural practices, archaeology and economy, iconography and symbolism, the natural environment, and ancient Egyptian lifeways. Nevertheless, archaeological context is frequently understood as static, while in reality the environment -- whether physical or cultural -- is apt to itself affect living beings to just as great an extent as it is affected by them. To that end, the theme for the 2019 BAE-ISAAE conference is “Interaction”. This theme will form the basis of the conversation initiated by the conference organizers and keynote speaker; however, conference participants are invited to interpret the theme in its broadest sense.

The 2019 BAE-ISAAE will be held at the American University in Cairo (Egypt) from January 10-13, 2019. It aims to unite and bring together different scholars from the different disciplines of Egyptology, archaeozoology, physical anthropology, and archaeobotany but also, aiming to create an interdisciplinary synergy among researchers, engendering new approaches and projects. This thematic approach will draw together and encourage communication and exchanges between historians of art, thought, science, religion, as well as scholars specialising in archaeology, archaeozoology, anthropology, archaeobotany, economics, and the world of museums.